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The mortgage renewal process is a pivotal moment in your homeownership experience, and I am here to provide expert guidance, explore competitive options, and ensure a seamless transition into the next phase of your mortgage journey.

Carleigh Pomfret
Shane helped me with the understanding of how to move forward with my existing mortgage on the house I was selling and the purchase of my new one and gave me a few options that suited my needs and really helped me feel secure in the entire process from getting my pre approval amount that I truly needed and was looking for and made my entire experience 10/10. Highly recommend him for your mortgage needs he is absolutely amazing at what he does!
Jenny Mak
Shane and his team has helped me with mortgages for 3 of my properties. Every time it has been a great experience. Always available if I have any questions. He is now helping my husband and I for our 4th investment. :) can't thank you enough for his expertise and guidance!
Team Cyr
We have used Shane for our last 3 mortgages. Shane and his team have been wonderful each time. This time we ran into some complications (not on his or his teams part) but on our builders part as we used their real estate lawyer. We needed to get our own lawyer in the last minute and Shane and his team went above and beyond, they helped out to find a new lawyer for us. Their calmness, attention to detail helped us through this stressful time! Thank you both Shane and Kim for all your work to help us make the tight deadline that the builder put us all under! We are staying put for awhile since we have moved 3 times in the last 3 years! But if we do get the urge to move again I know Shane and his team are there to help us out again!
Dolapo Oni
Shane is a fantastic broker to work with. Shane is reliable, reachable and always has a solution or suggestions of what to do. He helped us buy our current home. He guided us through the process and helped us all the way to possession. I totally recommend him to everyone
Troy Dixon
Shane is incredible to work with! Professional and quick to reply, he really does care about his clients. I would recommend his services to anyone!

Why Choose Mortgage Navigator for Your calgary Mortgage Renewal?

At Mortgage Navigator, I am committed to simplifying the mortgage renewal process for homeowners like you. With a focus on personalized service and a thorough understanding of your financial goals, I strive to secure the best possible terms and rates for your Calgary renewed mortgage, allowing you to make informed decisions that align with your financial objectives.

Our Calgary Mortgage Renewal Services Include:

Personalized Consultation

Schedule a consultation with me to discuss your current mortgage terms, financial goals, and any changes in your circumstances that may impact your mortgage renewal.

Market Analysis

I will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current mortgage market to identify competitive interest rates and terms suitable for your renewal.

Renewal Options

Explore various renewal options, including fixed and variable rates, and discuss the potential impact on your monthly payments and overall financial strategy.

Negotiation with Lenders

Utilizing my extensive network of lenders, I will negotiate on your behalf to secure favorable terms and rates for your mortgage renewal.

Financial Assessment

Conduct a thorough financial assessment to ensure that the renewed mortgage aligns with your current financial situation and future goals.

Steps to a Successful Mortgage Renewal with Mortgage Navigator:

 Schedule a consultation with me to discuss your mortgage renewal goals, any changes in your financial situation, and your preferences for the renewed mortgage.

I will analyze the current mortgage market and provide you with a clear picture of the available options for your mortgage renewal.

Explore various renewal options, discussing the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision based on your financial goals.

Once you’ve chosen your renewal option, I will negotiate with lenders and assist you in preparing and submitting the necessary documentation for a smooth renewal process.

Receive confirmation of your mortgage renewal terms and continue to benefit from my ongoing support, ensuring that your mortgage aligns with your evolving financial needs.

At Mortgage Navigator, I am committed to being your trusted partner on the path to homeownership. Contact me today to begin your journey, and let’s turn your dream of owning a home into a reality.

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Mortgage Renewal CONSULTATION

Mortgage Navigator works one-on-one with individuals and businesses in finding the best path and destination for your particular mortgage needs. 
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